3 Fun Merit Badges for May 2015

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Here’s a selection of three fun merit badges that you should try out!

  1. Game Design
    • In this merit badge, scouts will analyze the parts of a game, and learn how an interesting and fun game is created.  Then, they will utilize the skills they learned to create their own game.
  2. Moviemaking
    • “Moviemaking includes the fundamentals of producing motion pictures, including the use of effective light, accurate focus, careful composition (or arrangement), and appropriate camera movement to tell stories. In earning the badge, Scouts will also learn to develop a story and describe other pre- and post-production processes necessary for making a quality motion picture.”
  3. Metalwork
    • “Scouts will begin their work on this merit badge by learning about the properties of metal, how to use simple metalworking tools, and the basic metalworking techniques. Then they will practice using these tools and techniques before concentrating on the more intricate skills of one of four metalworking options.”

Descriptions of for the Moviemaking and Metalwork merit badges are from MeritBadgeDotOrg