Are you a Troop 3 parent interested in volunteering and helping prepare our boys for life?  Prior to starting this rewarding experience, please follow the steps below as we treat the safety and security of the Scouts as a top priority.  New laws in Pennsylvania have been enacted to guide any organization working with youth to help achieve this goal.

There are 6 simple steps you need to follow to be come a registered volunteer:

Step 1

Go to my.scouting.org and click on ‘Create an account’. It will ask you if you are associated with Boy Scouts, choose NO. The website will walk you through creating an account. After the registration process is completed and you have received your scouting ID number in a few weeks, you will have to log back in and associate your account with your ID number, so that all future records can be recorded and updated electronically. Here is a video that also explains the process My Scouting account creation demo.

Step 2

Next take the BSA Youth Protection Course. From the my.scouting.org Home page (see image below) click on the image in the upper right hand corner “New To Scouting? Click Here To Take training”. That will take you to the My Training Dashboard. From there select the Youth Protection Training. Take the course and print out the certificate, you may want to make a copy. In the future after you have entered your member ID number the training will be saved automatically.

Step 3

Next take the online ‘Committee Challenge’ course. From the My Training Dashboard (see image below) click on the Training Center Tab next to the YPT tab on the top. Then from the Training Center (see image below) click on Boy Scouting. From there select the Troop Committee Challenge. Take the course and print out the certificate, you may want to make a copy. In the future after you have entered your member ID number all training will be saved automatically.

Step 4

Obtain your PA and FBI clearance.

Step 5

Scan or convert your clearances to a .pdf file. Free .pdf converters are available from CutePDF and PrimoPDF. Next upload them to our local BSA Council at https://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/bGENkePLHtR804lTzegU3dO08

Step 6

Fill out your BSA Adult Application. You can either get it from me at the next Troop meeting or use the online version – BSA Adult Application. Be sure to fill out page 4 ‘DISCLOSURE/AUTHORIZATION FORM’. Staple the copy of your Youth Protection Certificate from step 2 and your Troop Committee Challenge Certificate from step 3 to the application along with a check for the $45 registration fee.

Thank You

At the next meeting, give your completed form to the Scoutmaster and in a few short weeks, you will be a registered volunteer. The Troop really appreciates the time and effort parents put into volunteering. Without parents like yourself, the Troop would not function so efficiently.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the Troop 3 uniformed adult leaders.  If you are having trouble completing one of the steps listed above, we will have a laptop available at upcoming meetings to help walk you through the steps.

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