• Weekly Meetings
    Weekly Meetings

    Join us on Mondays at 7:30 at Trinity Church

  • Camping Trips
    Camping Trips

    Visit us at Trinity Church and join us on one of our camping trips!

  • Spring Camping Trips
    Spring Camping Trips

Serving Boys in Ambler and Surrounding Communities

Scouting with Troop 3 prepares boys for life in many unique ways:  weekly skill building meetings, merit badge programs that can guide career decisions, leadership opportunities, and monthly outdoor experiences.  Troop 3 welcomes any boy ages 11 (or 10 and have completed the 5th grade) to 18 who have an interest in having fun and learning to respect one another, God, and our country.



Troop 3 Announcements and News

June Canoe Trip


Here is some footage of the troop canoeing down Ten Mile River and navigating Skinner’s Falls. READ MORE

Alaska Adventure


In July of 2016, Troop 3 went to Alaska for 2 weeks in celebration of the Troop’s 100th Anniversary.  Take a look at this slideshow of our adventure put together by Paul Racette. READ MORE

The Many Fish of PA


Pennsylvania is home to many popular and diverse game fish, such as bass, carp, catfish, and trout.  Most of these fish live in lakes, ponds or streams that are either weedy, have rocky... READ MORE

“Be Prepared” to go FISHING!!!


Boys Life magazine has a fantastic article on getting ready to go fishing.  It covers putting together a small fishing set, how to find bait, and how to find a fishing spot, such as a pier... READ MORE