• Weekly Meetings
    Weekly Meetings

    Join us on Mondays at 7:30 at Trinity Church

  • Scouting During a Pandemic
    Scouting During a Pandemic

Serving Boys in Ambler and Surrounding Communities

Scouting with Troop 3 prepares boys for life in many unique ways:  weekly skill building meetings, merit badge programs that can guide career decisions, leadership opportunities, and monthly outdoor experiences.  Troop 3 welcomes any boy ages 11 (or 10 and have completed the 5th grade) to 18 who have an interest in having fun and learning to respect one another, God, and our country.


Troop 3 Announcements and News

Join Troop 3 Today!


  On September 2nd at our weekly meeting troop 3 started its Recruitment campaign! Signs are up and pamphlets are out! be sure to share the word and join us at a meeting... READ MORE

Longwood Gardens Trip, April 2021


Last April Troop 3 took its second overnight Covid trip. This trip was to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square. The Troop stayed at one of our scout’s own farm, that happened to be... READ MORE

Patch Trading


The History of Patch TradingThe ISCA Getting Started Collecting SeriesWhen Scouts from different parts of the country or world get together, trading is one of themost popular activities. In the early days of... READ MORE