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2020-10-01: Working our way Back to Normalcy

We will be having our first Court of Honor coming up shortly.  We are hoping that the church will approve our use of the grounds for the purpose, but with the issues since the church flooded this summer, we may have to relocate.  There are a number of options being discussed.  Hope we get to see you there!

We will also be doing our annual cleanup at the church; our leaf raking day is Saturday November 28th.  Set your calendar to come and see people (Behind their masks!)

2020-08-24: Whittling the Time Away

This week we did a bit of whittling during the meeting… well during a LOT of the meeting.  It was great to get our fingers into something really Scouting like wood carving / whittling.  If you wanted more information on the process of our project, here’s a YouTube video showing the whole process!

2020-03-29: Merit Badges while Stuck At Home

Scouting magazine published a list of 58 merit badges that you can get completely online and at home.  I think with the whole “Stuck at Home” condition, this is a great time to learn something fun and new!  The list is here, and if you see any you would like to try, let me know and we’ll set you up on Scoutbook to get started!

2020-02-16: Scout Skills

Scouting gives people the chance to learn skills that will help them for the rest of their life.  First aid, knots, wood working, plumbing, automotive maintenance, a great many things that people often need to go to others to do, we learn in scouting.  While there are merit badges to show mastery of the skills, many of them are introduced at scout meetings and worked on at camping trips.

Our next trip will be the cook-off on March 27th weekend.  We’ll be challenging ourselves to cook really great food on both the propane forges, but I’m challenging the patrols to make dinner on Saturday over the campfire.  

My mother always said I could cook a 3 course dinner if I could only put a campfire in the middle of the kitchen.  Let’s see what creative things we can do cooking like people did before the invention of the propane stove!